Career Coaching

  • Your Thoughts might be:

  • I am stuck in my current position

  • I just graduated. Where do I go from here

  • Where do I work now

  • I am anxious for a change-Is it too late

  • Change is great but I need some help

Whether you’re just starting out a new career or want to grow in your current job, career coaching will be a strong incentive for creating your six or more figure income from a career that you are energized by.


In order to transform your career from its current state to the career of your dreams, we will do powerful work in five major areas:


Vision: I assist you to gain clarity on your vision: What does the mental image of your career look like?


Strategy: We’ll create a clear plan to help you get from the present state of your career to where you want it to be. We’ll analyze all the challenges and all the necessary steps. First and foremost, we’ll ensure that you’re completing all the tasks necessary to reach your goal!

Mindset: The Method you’ll need to face won’t always be easy! Career coaching gives you support during the process, so you can continue your commitment, excitement, and air out doubts and problems as they come up.


Skillset: We’ll make sure that you acquire the skills you will need to reach your perfect career. You’ll get stronger, faster, and smarter at the experience you need in your current career - just like in athletic coaching! You will develop the strengths that you already have, and learn new ones.


Energy: I’ll assist you to identify what gives you energy and what drains it: remove everything from your life that isn't needed, and add more of what you really crave, and see your dream life unfold around you! Get back to your dreams, and make your career everything you would like it to be and more!  ​

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  • Or Options For Special Monthly Programs

    1 hr

    Starting at $120